Turning A Book Into A Movie

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Turning a Book into a Movie for Whose Gain?
The article: Turning a Book into a Movie: An Author’s Perspective, written by Michael Murie as a summary of a panel, at the Boston Book Festival, in which five authors discussed their experiences when their books were turned into movies. The five authors were: Nick Flynn, Daniel Handler, Buzz Bissinger, Rachel Cohn and Andre Dubus III. Just as each of the authors books were different, their experiences in the filmmaking process were very different. Cohn was thrilled with the production of her novel, Nick& Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Cohn saw the movie as a “Two-hour advertisement for your [her] book” (Murie). In contrast, Bissinger was disappointed with the movie and TV series, which although
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They both get publicity from each other, and both receive a share of the profit. If you remember in Michael Murie’s article Cohn says “It’s [the movie] like a two hour advertisement for your [the author’s] book” (Murie). Cohn’s quote illustrates the publicity the book gets from the movie, by comparing it to an advertisement. The movie gets publicity from the book in similar ways. For example the cover of my paperback copy of J.R. Tolkien’s Hobbit exclaims in bold letters “Now a Major Motion Picture”. Not only do both sides get publicity from each other, but both sides also share in the profit. Authors receive a profit by selling the rights of their book. Movie Producers make a fortune if the movie is a success.
In addition to the publicity and profit, movie producers also receive a foundation for the movie and fans from the start, when they base their movies on books. Even though a book provides the movie producers with a foundation, the book can also stifle creativity. The five authors in Murie’s article all agreed that books do not make good scripts (Murie). Often the fans of the book transform into fans and supporters of the movie. Interest in the movie is generated before the movie is even created. However excitement for movies can be generated in other ways just as easily. For example fans of Marvel Studio movies will be excited for the next Marvel movie because it carries the Marvel name. Or a certain
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