Turning Ineffective Employees and Bosses into Performers: The New World Order

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By: Dr. Tiffany Jordan, PhD Professor and Researcher of International Business and Management Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga Doctor_Tiffany@excite.com Doctor_Tiffdany@yahoo.com

September, 2002

Abstract: The objectives of this paper is to: (I) examine the underlying issues of poor performers in organizations and to better understand the causal relationship between leadership style and subordinate performance; (ii) to explore the perceptions of how bosses and subordinates mutually influence each other 's behavior; and (iii) it is intended to heighten the readers’ awareness on some of the issues and problems that can cause poor performance. The
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One might even speculate that this is related to the disappointing results in so many organizations that have downsized. The emerging evidence (e.g. McKinley, et.al, 1995) questions the bottom-line wisdom of downsizing. Many studies point to the negative consequences of downsizing in terms of morale, commitment and the enduring work of the "survivors.” This analysis discusses ineffective employees and effective leadership qualities so that managers and employees can examine and improve their skills. The conforming, loyal "organizational man and woman" of the 50 's and 60 's (Whyte, 1956) has given way to the authorized, risk-taking "enterprising" employee of the 1990 's. By freeing people of the bureaucratic encumbrances and "empowering" them to take action, New Order organizations aim to promote success through more sophisticated collaboration, through teams whose members represent and integrate different specialties, and through the heightened interpersonal competence which arises as people fill their roles more passionately (Drucker, 1994). A significant shift is taking place in organizations throughout the world-a shift that has important implications for the skills that will be critical to your success both as a member of organizations and as a manager and leader. This shift involves increasing the emphasis on the group or team.

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