Turning Men Into Fishing Is A Popular Past Time All Around The World

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Nicole Kovach Professor Spring World Religions March 10, 2015 Turning Men into Fishermen Fishing is a popular past time all around the world. It has been around for many centuries, and has influenced and shaped many societies and cultures. One popular religion that fishing has a major impact on is Christianity. It is obvious that fishing is prominent in the Christian religion by looking at the famous Christian symbol, the Jesus fish. On many American cars one may find this very simple depiction of a fish on the back bumper. Another influence that fishing has in Christianity is the teachings in the bible. Many biblical stories are written and teach life lessons through the technique of fishing. Not only did Jesus want his disciples to be fisher of men, but he also did the majority of his sermons in a boat. Fishing plays a huge role in the Christian community and throughout time has shaped it into the religion that it is today. The Jesus fish symbol is a fish made out of two simple lines that cross in the back. It is a simple drawing yet carries so much meaning in the Christian community. The X-shaped cross in the tail is supposed to represent the crucifix that Jesus died for the human sins on. The X also translates into the Greek word “Christ” (Edmondson, 57). The Jesus fish is often referred to as Ichthys, which is the first letters of five Greek words that make up the word fish (Hassett). Those five Greek words are “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior”. Christians see

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