Turning Point Of Juno

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Analysis of the movie Juno

The movie follows a sixteen year old teenager named Juno. She often hangs out with her best friend Leah and a guy named Paulie Bleeker, however after an “accident” with Bleeker, Juno finds herself pregnant. At this time Juno knew she had to do something so she went to the nearest Women’s Clinic, but soon she changes her mind and gives it up for adoption instead. With the help from Leah they soon find an ad in a newspaper, Juno decides to contact them and later she meets up with them. They seem like the perfect parents but after a dramatic turn she finds out that they may not be what she once thought. The big turning point for me would be when Mark reveals that he is going to break up with Vanessa. After this Vanessa gets her heart shattered and Juno wants to help them out. This led to Juno having to make many difficult decisions, even the whole plot changed from one thing to the other. All this makes this certain turning point stand out from the rest and that is why in my opinion this is the most
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She is a sixteen year old girl that acts a lot different compared to the other girls in the film. Even when she gets pregnant she tries to create an attitude that in turn changes how she acts around her friends and family. Bleeker however really tries to let the mother do all of the work and he even tries to put this thing aside as evidenced during one of the running segments. These two are the main characters since I think the film is mainly about the relationship between both of them. How Juno and Bleeker’s relationship is presented towards the audience takes a turn during the ending sequence in which it is revealed that both of them had developed feelings towards each other. In the beginning however it's shown that Bleeker may like Juno in this way but it appears as if he would not have the courage to confront

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