Turning Point in History for Vietnam Essay

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The turning point in history for Vietnam all began in the year 1954 during the Geneva Conference, which took place in Geneva, Switzerland. The Geneva Accords both put an end to the Indochina War and began the divide of the Vietnam territory. The Geneva Accord was an obligatory agreement stating Vietnam was to be separated into two distinct territories divided by a line of segregation at the 17th parallel. Vietnam was now separated into North and South Vietnam, the communist north and the anti-communist south. Ho Chi Minh controlled North Vietnam, better known as the Democrat Republic of Vietnam, with its capital in Hanoi. Whereas in South Vietnam, better known as the Republic of Vietnam with it’s capital in Saigon, the south Vietnamese was commanded by Ngo Dihn Diem. Even with the different viewpoints on how each commander believes Vietnam should be run, governing styles, diplomacy, etc., however both Ho Chi Minh and Ngo Dihn Diem display overwhelming support from their citizens by maintaining the universal objective of independence and freedom for the Vietnamese people. Both their leadership styles and personal attributes enabled both of them to tap into the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people and mobilize support for their initiatives. The leadership of both, Ho Chi Minh and Ngo Dihn Diem, in the perspective of Vietnamese culture will be evaluated.
Both commanders in chief for North and South Vietnam region were patriotic and despite their differences, preferably…