Turning Points For Children ( Tpfc )

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Turning Points for Children (TPFC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social service agency that services children and families throughout the city of Philadelphia. Through providing a variety of services and programs, they envision a thriving community for all (www.turningpointsforchildren.org, 2016). Their mission is to support families in raising safe, healthy, educated and strong children by partnering with caregivers to develop and strengthen protective qualities and by offering them the tools, skills and resources they need to ensure their children’s optimal development (www.turningpointsforchildren.org, 2016). This Organizational Capacity Assessment will focus on the Community Umbrella Agency 3 (CUA 3), one of the largest programs that the agency offers. I currently am employed as a Visitation Coach at this CUA. My analysis will detail how the services of the CUA are part of the overall vision and mission of Turning Points for Children. The agency has been assisting families and helping to reduce child abuse for over 175 years. It credits their longevity to many mergers of child welfare agencies over the years in Philadelphia. Turning Points was a product of a 2008 collaboration of the Children Aid Society of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Society for Services to Children. Most recently in 2013, the agency became an affiliate with the Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC). Along with the Community Umbrella Agencies, there are a variety of programs that are…

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