Turning Sixteen: A Personal Narrative

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The Preparation
Sixteen, the big one six, the number I had looked forward to turning to since I could remember. Turning sixteen was something I had built up in my imagination as an extraordinary day and major milestone in my life because when the day would come about, I would be privileged to get my driver’s permit. Being able to get a permit would be the first step of me becoming independent from my parents. The lead up to my birthday was spent with me constantly reminding my parents about my permit and almost always being shot down and told that I would not being getting it anytime soon. In my parent’s eyes, I was too much of a distraction while they drove, always showing them the latest picture on social media or changing the radio station constantly and not actually paying attention to their “useful” tips while on the road. “How was it my fault for showing them a funny picture or not listening to them?”
My preparation for the test consisted of me taking practicing exams on the PA Drivers app
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Stepping into the chaotic and frantic room was like stepping into the eye of a tornado. All the chairs were filled with impatient people and the counters were crammed with annoyed workers and angry customers. I took a number from the electronic check in and proceeded to stand in the corner with my mom until my number was called. While standing there, I had taken a dozen of practice tests on my phone just to be safe. Before I knew it, the line had been broken down and I was being summoned to the open counter. To say the clerk I had was cranky would be an understatement, this lady was infuriated and irritated beyond belief and even my mom who can usually cheer anyone up could not fix this woman. After all my paperwork was signed and entered into the computer, it was finally the time for me to take the test I had been preparing for over a month
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