Turning The Stone: The Truth Behind The Resurrection

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Turning the Stone- The Truth behind the Resurrection
The Christian faith is founded on the idea of the resurrection and Jesus dying for everyone’s sins. The Resurrection is a central story of the Christian faith, and it must be true for the Christianity to hold up. The Bible is the ultimate source for information on the Resurrection from the disciples themselves through the Gospels. Many theorists have come up with theories that contradict and counter the Resurrection because of the lack of belief and proof. Although there are arguments against the resurrection, there are more arguments for it. Christianity arose due to the Resurrection, and consists of the sacrifice Jesus made for the greater good of all the people.
There are many theories that try to disprove the Resurrection because people do not believe it is logical. The Swoon Theory is based on the idea that Jesus did not die after all he went through on the cross. People who believe this theory think that he was just passed out. This is how people who argue the resurrection explain Jesus appearing to his disciples after his supposed death. This theory was “championed by 18/19th century rationalists.” (Emberson 3). Other people believe that the whole story of the
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To believe in the Bible, people have to have faith. The Resurrection was not put in just as some fictional children’s story. The death on the cross, the testimony from the disciples, and the guards are some of the few things that prove that the Resurrection actually did occur. Jesus was raised to the heavens and was freed from all his physical pain and suffering when he was human. The resurrection is the basis for the Christian faith because Jesus’ act of dying on the cross was pure selflessness in order for all of his people to live life without being punished for the endless amount of sins that are
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