Turning point of the Cold War and JKF Assassination

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Turning point of the Cold War and JKF Assassination The assassination of President Kennedy was the turning point in history as many felt he and his family was American royalty, he had the ability to reach Americans through his speeches, as it helped Americans through some stressful times in cold war history, he was a catalyst in allowing Americans to be part of history from the first walk on the moon and the equality of all human rights in the United States. One of his most famous sayings and what rallied so many Americans behind President Kennedy: “And so my fellow Americans… ask not what your country can do for you… ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world… ask not what America…show more content…
It was only a matter of time before mighty US imperialism was humiliatingly forced to withdraw. The Tet Offensive took Americans by surprise, the major objectives had been to drive a wedge between the Americans and the South Vietnamese. The attack on the US embassy was an attempt to show the vulnerability of the American armed forces. The Vietcong had hoped that the Tet Offensive action and the liberation of towns and cities would lead to an uprising against the US their belief was the South Vietnamese soldiers were tired and weary soldiers, dislocated peasantry, fractious youth and widely discontented layers of South Vietnamese society were ready to join the struggle. But unfortunately this was not the case and the Vietcong had sporadic recruitment from this campaign. The Tet Offensive also aided in changing the view and minds of the American people as this was the same time, live televised coverage of the war was a harsh reality to so many Americans which had changed their views on the Vietnam War. President Johnson became increasingly unpopular to the point he had chosen not to seek re-election during the following Presidential campaign. The Tet Offensive was the true turning point for US involvement in the Vietnam War, it was the catalyst for Nixon’s campaign to bring troops back home and pulling out of the war. Bibliography Forrest, S. (n.d.). Tet offensive: a
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