Turtle Fun Book Report

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Awww look its my old “turtle fun” book well not old just like 3 weeks old I made it when we started the westing game... What’s in your turtle fun book? Flora asked. Well I based it off the movie mean girls with the burn book, anyways I basically make fun of people. Oh well can I see it? Flora asked. Umm well sure but be aware it is all about the people in the Westing Game. As flora opened the book it was filled but it started with her mom…oh no here we go. Grace/mom: I hate hate hate hate hate hate my mom why is angela her favorite I am great to you know and why does angela like mom, mom is growing a beard! Mom thinks she is so cool but SHE’S NOT!!!When angela puts makeup on and a dress mom tears up, oh they’re tears of joy. But when i
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