Turtle Reflection Paper

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The Turtle By: Calista “Come on Sophie,” my dad yelled from the water “No dad, there's no way I’m coming in the water,” she yelled from the shore “It’ll be fun Sophie,” my dad screamed as he ran into the cold, shiny, blue water Tat my mom and I were all encouraging Sophie to go swimming with dad. But she was terrified of sharks. When she was little sharks were her #1 fear. Finally after 5 minutes of encouraging, safety rules, and screaming she slowly made her way to the water. Stepping one foot in at a time she was finally close to dad. My mom was watching Tat and I since we were little. My mom knew she was safe with dad. My dad and her went out far but not past the buoy. All of a sudden “Sophie look,”my dad beamed. The whole beach would hear him. “What is it dad,” Sophie asked with curiosity “It’s a baby turtle,” he said so excited Sophie swam over as fast as she could Once she saw the turtle he was on the move “I just want a picture Soph, come on,” he pleaded “Fine but not past the buoy. It’s dangerous,” she squeaked back “Yeah whatever,” my dad said to excited to listen to her As the turtle swam near the buoy they got closer and closer to it. Then right near the buoy nothing in sight. I couldn't see them anywhere. My mom on the other hand only cared for Tat and I. “I hope dad and Sophie are okay I said so she might know they were out far. “There perfectly fine Calista,” she chattered back. I wanted to scream or help Sophie and dad so bad. But I knew I didn't have the power and they wouldn't hear me. After I gave up I started playing in the water. But in the ocean……. “Sophie did you see how cute the turtle is,” my dad bellowed “Dad we're past the buoy,” Sophie cried “Sophie we have to find the turtle,” my dad pleaded “Only 3 more minutes I just want a picture,” he kept asking Sophie She finally gave in but a while later she knew she shouldn't have. They were past the buoy so far they couldn't see the shore. Suddenly I looked out into the blue, crystal water and I looked around in the big ocean. But as I kept looking around no dad or Sophie in sight. As they were swimming further and further after the turtle they got further and further away from shore. They close to these big rocks and
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