Tuskegee Airman Essay

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In the hard times of 1940, who knew what would be a good idea for world war two. Such as a distinctive group called the Tuskegee Airman. The Tuskegee Airmen was an African American experiment originated in Tuskegee Alabama. The Airman were made up of three squadrons with about 30 fighters that made up the experiment. This was so because the United States did not believe that African American pilots could be capable of flying planes of war and strategy .The groups were the 332nd fighter group and the 477th bomber squadron. They believe that African American would run away from a fight and act cowardly. According to the Air Force Commission offices at the time. The first cadet class began in July 1940 and went for nine months to March of 1941. By 1942 the experiment was turned into a base…show more content…
But before that they received more training in French Morocco before their first really important mission. On June 2 1943 a attack by the germans on pantelleria island, a italian island over the the mediterranean sea. The mission was for the Airman to supply cover for the boomers to get to their targets and back. In the whole wave process the Americans did not lose any planes to the German Fighters.After the great progress during this time the united states started three more squadrons. The last Tuskegee captain Milford Craig died this month in California he was great fighter during the war. Also another veteran Vernon Joseph Backer received the Medal of Honor which is the largest and highest honor and person can be giving for his great actors in World War 2. But a really there are two important man that stand out and that's captain Benjamin O. Davis Jr. He was one of the first officers in the Air Force as a black African American. Also he was commanded by major James Ellison which is also one of the first African American
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