Tutor Interaction Interactions With Students

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Tutor-Tutee Interactions
Through my time spent in the Taylor Tutoring Center I have not only seen how the students interact with other students, but also how the tutors interact with the students. While each tutor interaction with students is different, there are also many similarities among them.
“Hi, What are you working on tonight?”
“Oh hi, I need some help with my physics homework, there’s just a few problems I don’t quite understand”
“We’re actually working on physics right here so come have a seat”
This is one example of what I have heard as students enter the Taylor Tutoring Center, while the exact dialogue changes from student to student, the greeting and assisting the student find people working on the same subject does not. As
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Some students come to the tutoring room with the strict purpose of getting their work done, they are not in there to waste their time chatting and forming bonds with the tutors.
“How would we solve this physics problem?”
“First you would set it up like this… Then just plug in the numbers!”
This conversation is a common example of the very straight-forward and focussed students in the Taylor Tutoring Center. A much different conversation such as one between the tutors and students that had formed bonds would include more personal details and would be more relaxed. An insider informant from the Taylor Tutoring Center, Mandy, shared with me that she likes having a closer relationship with the tutors, it makes her feel more comfortable asking questions and she feels like the tutor won 't judge her for not understanding a concept. Hearing the reasoning behind why Mandy pursues a bond with the tutors makes plenty of sense, however, it was strange to me that she would feel less comfortable asking questions to the tutors even though their entire job is being there to guide the students.
After this conversation with Mandy, I was curious to find out if the tutors were trained a specific way on how to help students in a manner that makes the student feel welcome to further ask questions or whether they were just sent in the room with no guidance. The next time I was in the Taylor Tutoring Center it was not overly busy so I decided to find out.
“When you were first hired,
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