Tutor Review Assignment 2 Using Your Manager Skills Situation 1

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student – Assignment 2: Using Your Manager Skills – Situation 1 student Professor LEG 100 March 9, 2015 MEMORANDOM To: President Shep Howard From: student Date: March 9, 2015 Re: Simply Green Products Dear President Howard, It has come to my attention that an environmental group known as “SafePack Materials Pollute” is clamming that our SafePack materials are not biodegradable. The group is asserting that these materials are causing an environmental hazard that is seeping from a local landfill into a nearby stream. The group has also launched an internet campaign geared toward compelling fruit producers to stop purchasing our packing materials. The situation raises environmental issues that relate directly to the…show more content…
Also, according to Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute, a person or company cannot knowingly store, treat, and dispose of any hazardous waste material. The company also cannot falsify records, reports or permits used for compliance in the Solid Waste Disposal Act (42 U.S. Code Chapter 82). After reviewing the aforementioned Clean Water Act and the Solid Waste Disposal Act, it is my professional opinion that our company is has not committed any sort of violation for either Act. If our products were truly seeping pollution into local streams and bodies of water, our company would defiantly be violating both the Clean Water Act and Solid Waste Disposal Act, but this simply is not the case. Our company is indeed truly using biodegradable packing material that has been lab tested and proven safe for the environment. However, it may be wise for our company to look internally at the production of our biodegradable packaging material periodically to ensure quality control and verify that nothing has changed with the materials used to make our product that may cause them not to be as environmentally safe. Because our products are certified “green” products, and with continuous testing of our products, I’m certain we would have no trouble proving the fact that our products truly are biodegradable and are made of the highest environmentally friendly products. I do believe it would be wise to make a public statement ensuring the public that our

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