Tutorial 2 - Case Problem 1 Pine Hill Music School Essay

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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- New Perspectives Access 2010 ------------------------------------------------- Tutorial 2 - Case Problem 1 Pine Hill Music School Skills Save a database with a new filename Change a field’s properties in Design view Change the data type in Design view Create a caption for a field Add a field to a table Save a table Import the structure of a table in an Access database Add fields using the Data Type gallery Delete a field Reorder fields Enter a record in Table Datasheet view Import data from a text file Create a table in Design view Set the primary key Import…show more content…
Yuka exported the student data that she was maintaining in another computer system to a text file, and she asks you to add this data to the end of the Student table. a. Specify “support_NP_A10_T2_Student.txt” as the source of the data. (The file “support_NP_A10_T2_Student.txt” is available from the SAM Web site.) b. Select the option: Append a copy of the records to the table. c. Select Student as the table. d. In the Import Text Wizard dialog boxes, choose the option to import delimited data, to use a comma delimiter, and to import the data into the Student table. Do not save the import steps. 12. In Design view, create a new table using the table design shown in Table 3. Specify ContractID as the primary key. Save the table using the name Contract. TABLE 3 Field Name | Data Type | Description | Field Size | Other | ContractID | Text | Primary key | 4 | Caption = Contract ID | StudentID | Text | Foreign key | 7 | Caption = Student ID | TeacherID | Text | Foreign key | 7 | Caption = Teacher ID | LessonType | Text | | 25 | Caption = Lesson Type | LessonLength | Number | 30 or 60 minutes | Integer | Caption = Lesson Length | LessonCost | Currency | | | Format = CurrencyDecimal Places = 0Caption = Lesson Monthly Cost | RentalCost | Currency | Monthly rental charge for instrument | | Format = CurrencyDecimal Places = 0Caption = Monthly Rental Cost | 13. Switch to Datasheet view, and then use the Start

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