Essay about Tutorial Questions Week 3

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1. When interpreting legislation, the Courts use several approaches to aid their interpretation. Describe how the literal, golden and mischief rules of interpretation operate. 2. The skills to Interpreting legislation are crucial to legal problem solving. In order give the correct advice, you must first identify the issues, articulate an argument, reach a conclusion and give reasons for such a conclusion. You may wish to consider both sides of the argument, but do not waste effort formulating an argument that you consider to be without merit. Section 1 of the Street Offences Act 1989 provides: This Act is intended to prevent solicitation for purposes of prostitution in streets and other public places. Section 2 provides: It shall…show more content…
The following is an extract from Questions without Notice (House of Representatives, Debates 1995, vol 138, 1247): “Mr Burke – I understand that legislation will shortly be introduced in the Parliament to give effect to the Convention on Hijacking, which Australia has recently ratified. Will the legislation apply to aircraft hijackers presently at large in this country, who cannot be proceeded against under any existing law? Mr Darcy – The Aircraft Hijacking Bill, which I shall introduce in the House tomorrow, is intended to apply and does apply to hijackers who cannot at present be reached by the law.” The Act…is as follows: Aircraft Hijacking Act 1995 No. 136 of 1995 An Act to deal with national and international hijacking of aircraft [Assented 1 July 1995] The Parliament of Australia enacts: Short title - 1. This Act may be cited as the Aircraft Hijacking Act 1995. Possession of weapons on aircraft 2. Any person (other than a crew member or an aircraft guard) who possesses on board any aeroplane, airship, glider or any other transport whatsoever, any firearm, ammunition, weapon or explosive substance, shall be guilty of an offence punishable by five years’ imprisonment. Diversion of aircraft 3 Any person who causes to be diverted or attempts to cause to be diverted an aircraft from its scheduled course shall be guilty of an offence punishable by life imprisonment. QUESTIONS
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