Tutorial Schools in Hong Kong

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In Hong Kong, cram schools are called tutorial schools. The small scale tutorial schools have been appeared in 50s-60s and the earliest large scale tutorial school spring up in 1972. The purposes of tutorial school are to improve students’ performance in some particular subjects like English and Mathematics but now it turns to teach students the techniques of answering questions in the examinations. From the figures by The Census and Statistics Department released a third of students from secondary school and primary school had applied tutorial class, and spent a total of $18.9 million a month. The essay will discuss the reason and impact of the issue from the philosophical perspective. Nowadays, there are different kinds of tutorial classes for students to apply such as private tutoring, small scale tutorial centre and tutorial school but they aim to help students to prepare the public exams only. Video tutorial classes also appear in recent years for dealing with large numbers of students. Sometimes, several projectors are required for teaching a large class. In the classroom, students take notes on the material the instructor is teaching. Tutorial schools mainly provide some question tipping, techniques of answering, elite class rather than focus on the problems on their academy and learning ability. According to Kennedy and Lee (2007), students think that tutorial school provided shortcuts to learning through past examination paper analysis and even seemingly reliable
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