Tutoring Experience Essay

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At the beginning of the semester I was looking for volunteer opportunities because I thought I had adjusted pretty okay my first semester and was looking to take on more activities. I saw a lot of tutoring opportunities but a lot of them were focusing on elementary schools. While I think those are important, I was looking towards helping older students. Some of it comes from thinking that in my personal experience, it would’ve helped me to have had tutoring in high school. I think a lot of actual decisions are made in high school like what kind of things you’re interested in, which could lead to future careers. So when I found out about this decal I knew that I should sign up because I hoped that I could help students not only in school work,…show more content…
I would ask them and try to figure out why they were discouraged and one example is that they just to continue working in some job that they had currently. I would first say that if your main concern is finding a job after high school then college is definitely the place for you to go. Sure you might think that you can go into a job and immediately start making money but that money is going to be pennies compared to what you can earn with a bachelor's or associate's degree. I would say after that if you don't think that college is worth it, it's definitely still an experience that you should try out, it could be anything from going to a state school nearby, or going to vocational school, or taking classes online from a community college, all of that is going to look good on resumes for higher up jobs and also just give you more skills that you need to survive in this world. I personally went to college to also try to learn more about stuff that wasn't offered at my school and hopefully make a career out of something I like and be my own boss. Also there's a lot of fun in college as well, it's not all studying so college is definitely something that fits
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