Tutoring On The Lifelong Learning Sector

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Tutoring in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

‘In a post-16 educational world, where student retention and achievement are given high priority, the tutor’s role is central to successful learning’ (Green, 2001, p.1). I endeavour to study my tutorial practice; analysing a recent one-to-one tutorial with student X (case study) (Appendix 26). I shall outline ways of improving my tutorial skills and techniques (Appendix 29) using reflective practice and feedback from student X in the form of a completed feedback questionnaire (Appendix 15 and 16). My aim is to develop the necessary pastoral and academic support skills (Appendix 29) in order to plan and deliver effective one-to-one and group tutorials for the future.

The tutor’s understanding of the various roles they play during a tutorial is vital for effective student support. This role includes the following: comprehending that the coaching session is directly linked with teaching; helping students in terms of a particular skill and offering students’ general guidance and support linked with friendship. All these characteristics need underlying strong pastoral elements linked to an academic outcome embedded within the tutorial session, thus helping students find a solution. ‘The quality of the learner/tutor interaction is key and increasingly colleges have moved to use tutorial time to
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