Essay on Tutoring Strategies for Successful Learning

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Everyone has a different learning style. Unfortunately, teachers rarely have the luxury of having the time, funds, and resources to satisfy each student’s unique learning pattern. As a result, many students struggle to learn in a classroom environment. Robert E. Slavin, the author of Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice, claims“… [Peer] tutoring is one of the most effective instructional strategies known, and it essentially solves the problem of appropriate levels of instruction (Pearson 208).” Peer tutors have the potential to support and teach fellow students in a way that teachers and other adults cannot. A peer tutor can have a profound influence on how a student approaches, views, and comprehends concepts. To be effective, a…show more content…
A tutor should never flaunt his or her advanced understanding of a concept. “[Peer] tutors should not make tutoring an opportunity to show off [their] knowledge of a particular topic… [Tutors] have [their] own classes and tests for that reason (Moneyworth).” The tutor’s duty is to facilitate the learning process. A student cannot learn if the tutor doesn’t control his or her use of the advanced skills the tutor has attained. If a mentor spends study sessions showing off his or her skills in a specific topic, the student does not gain any new skills or understanding of the concept. However, if the tutor has moments of doubt in a lesson, the tutee has a very difficult time trusting the tutor’s ability to teach difficult concepts. By managing and balancing the advanced comprehension the tutor has obtained, the tutor maximizes his or her ability to communicate concepts in a clear and concise way. Effective tutors have the ability to communicate with a student in a comfortable and natural manner. Peers generally have a similar language and thought process. Peer tutors striving for success use these similarities to mold and rephrase concepts to a language that the tutee comprehends (Fager 5). Peer tutors hoping to help students achieve success strive to find multiple similarities between themselves and their students. Discovering multiple connections
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