Tutoring : The Win Place Situation

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Tutoring: The Win-Win Situation In a culture driven by self-interest, a community service requirement in school might not be such a bad idea. Community service offers an opportunity to give back to the community and learn an appreciation for the undermined people and jobs that help a community function. On college applications there is even a category for a perspective student to list all of his or her community service activities. Requiring high school students to serve a certain number of community service hours would be a great way to get kids involved in the community, give back, get a community involved in school activities, and give students an edge when applying for college. There are a variety of community service opportunities. A student could tutor, repairing a house, cleaning trash, delivering meals on wheels, volunteering at an animal shelter, creating care packages for deployed soldiers, or volunteering to teach music. Out of all the possibilities I would choose to tutor kids after school because it would give me experience in the field I hope to pursue a career in, and offer a great opportunity to help kids learn. If I were required to serve a determined number of community service hours to graduate, I would like to help tutor kids of various ages after school. I would go to the school or they could come to mine and help them with their homework or lessons they were having problems with. I would tutor few days a week, a two or three hours each night. By the
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