Tutors Teach Seniors New High-Tech Tricks

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Generations are very different. There are ways that we can help can help each other.Therefore we can understand what happens in the other person’s life.One generation can teach the other to be passionate,respectful, and wise.
For instance, from my personal experience I had to teach my grandmother how to fix a setting on her phone. She did not listen to what she had to do. She didn’t understand what she was doing wrong. (she didn’t know how to put her phone on the wifi) I connected it to the Fiesta’s wifi (after putting all if the information in it). From my personal experience, the older people need help with the new technology.
In fact, in the article “Tutors teach Seniors New High-Tech Tricks” they created a group called T.E.C.H (Teenager Senior Computer Help) they help the elders with not just computers but to learn how to communicate with their family. I think that they created this because they had seen how the seniors have been without their family. In the program, they teach them how to be respectful. The elders have problems like arthritis, they made them wear cotton balls in their ears they would have to say something a million times. By the time they are with an elder they will be trained not to be frustrated.
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“Pamela Norr in Bend. Org. says young trainers also gain new confidence… not criticizing for the way I dress.” that is very sweet of the teenagers not to say that was “out of style, or in the 70’s,” that really made me think, of how good of an example they were making if there were little kids walking by and they saw how nice the teens were acting to the
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