Tv Dbq Essay

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People argue television has increased awareness of politics to create more fair and accessible elections. However, I think TV has had a negative impact on politics because it promotes a superficial image of candidates and provides dumbed down content mainly to boost a TV station's ratings.
Television promotes candidates’ image over their policies. Instead of the candidates discussing what they are going to do for the country, they simply argue why they are better than each other. The candidates being televised gives the audience a sense of knowing them, which causes them to lose the audience's interest in political ideals and to be “judged by standards formerly used to assess rock singers and movie stars”(Source B). Instead of the candidates
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The coverage allows voters “ immediate contact with political events”(Source A). Having this contact provides the voters knowledge of the characteristics of the candidates. Knowing how the candidate reacts in different situations is important because we want to ensure they won’t cause extreme problems. For example, a president that is quick to anger wouldn’t be the best for the country because if he or she was discussing policies with world leaders. If he or she didn’t agree, they could become angry and embarrass the country, or even launch an attack. That may be a major exaggeration, but we need to be aware of the characteristics to ensure the candidate will be a great president. However, we don’t actually know the candidate. It may feel as if we do, but we don’t actually know them, TV promotes a false connection. especially biased TV stations. Over time, television broadcasting stations have formed biases and praised the candidates with similar opinions while shedding a negative light on the candidates that with contrasting views. In other words, we can’t trust how the candidates appear on TV because it provides a false image of how the candidates truly
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