Tv Makes You Smarter Essay

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TV Makes You Smarter

Everyday people watch some level of television. Whether it is the news, sports, a movie or a reality show, it is a pastime that people look forward to and/or come to rely on in their daily routine. There are some programs that have a lot of violence and perhaps should be watched minimally or by an appropriately aged audience. However, there are many other programs that do not have violence and actually educate us, working subconsciously, without us even knowing it. For this reason, watching television in moderation is not harmful and can be very educational. In the article “Watching TV Makes You Smarter” by Steven Johnson, he states that watching television will make you smarter. He goes on to mention that
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Many of these programs have been around for a long time due to their ability to maintain high educational value and interest. Each of these shows has a unique way of educating children to help them prepare for school and everyday life situations. In an article launched by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 13, 2009 “R is for relevant: 'Sesame Street' still balances fun and learning”, it speaks about the educational value of the program and how it has adjusted over time to stay relevant. "Sesame Street's" resident puppeteer, Jim Henson, designed a broad group of flawed, but lovable characters he called Muppets to interact with the show's human actors and guest stars who came in as many types and colors as the puppets themselves. Children all over the world learned to spell and count with Big Bird, Count von Count, Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Bert & Ernie. The program also explored topics that children experience in everyday life and help them to understand it better. For example, when the program first introduced African American actors into the program in 1969, it caused controversy so much that Mississippi refused to air the show for nearly two weeks. Over the years, the show has examined adult issues including divorce and death. In 2003, it introduced an HIV-positive Muppet. Because of "Sesame Street," many American children get their first view of societal issues in a friendly, non-threatening
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