Tv Saanvi Research Paper

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Saanvi loves challenges and is self-driven to complete advance workbooks. Her keen interest in Mathematics motivated her to learn new skills and concepts by working on advance concepts. She works consistently on the material given to her by her teachers in school and us at home. Saanvi is a quiet but an observant child. Her understanding of the ideas mostly revolve around the patterns be it in her surroundings or her topics in Math, Science or Social Studies. When she was four, she observed that every day the size of moon is changes and the seasons of the year are different. She used to ask many question how it happens. She relates her daily actions to her science lessons in school by making mental connections which in turn pushed us, as parents, to spend more time to plan and execute her small science experiments using soda bottles, car boards, circuits or magnets.…show more content…
She is not only interested in learning new topics, but also grasps the concepts quickly. Since summer, she was looking forward to learning about the periodic table. She questioned about how atoms join to make a molecule and researched on the structures of Sodium Chloride and water molecule. Due to her interest to learn about various elements and questions about Carbon as an element, her elder sister introduced her to the concepts of organic and inorganic chemistry.
She is equally interested in grasping new skills and puts her best efforts. Saanvi is a good Indian Classical dancer and has participated in various cultural programs around Hampton Roads- International Children’s festival, Taste of India to just name a few.
Saanvi is often willing to put in the extra effort to support her
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