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The new TV show Scream Queens premiered September 22, 2015 on FOX. Scream Queens centers on the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority, who is targeted by several killers dressed in red devil outfits. The show mixes black comedy and the slasher subgenre with the classic whodunit. The series includes violence, gore and the use of sexual language, the show tends to be more satirical than terrifying. In addition, Scream Queens is a unique show because it parodies and pokes fun at the horror genre. An analysis of the pilot episode from Scream Queens (2015- present) illustrates how the TV aesthetics of the show develop and portray the themes of death, revenge and good vs evil. Plus, demonstrates the mood of fear and humor and lastly, the narrative of a comedy and horror/slasher genre. Scream Queens illustrates how post network television uses unique storytelling methods that are distinguishable from classic TV network aesthetics. Ultimately, this essay will explain how each aesthetic element: the narrative, cinematography, production design, sound and editing illustrate how the show’s genre mixing of horror and comedy creates an acceptable representation of the horror genre on TV.
Scream Queens’s mixes genres like comedy, horror and mystery that represent
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Scream Queens is able to successfully portray the slasher flick and black comedy through the aesthetic elements: the narrative, cinematography, production design, sound and editing. Unlike the aesthetics from the show Dexter it illustrates violence as an art form and it is very explicit. Scream Queens on the other hand mixes the horror and comedy genre to make show for their teen audience. Second create a show that is “safe” for the post network era. The aesthetic elements of the show help develop the horror genre clearly in a cosmetic way to distinguish itself from shows like Dexter and/or the cinematic representation of the horror
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