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Tweak by Nic Sheff Twisted Journey of an Addict Tweak is a tale of addiction describing the experiences of Nic Sheff, who was for many years addicted to various drugs. Meth and heroin to begin with, later coke and mixing different drugs (Tweak). This book was actually written in response to a book by David Sheff called Beautiful Boy. It was about the experience of dealing with his son's addictions and their consequences for his family. Nic Sheff was 18 and collage bound when he discovered crystal meth. At first his father had no idea. Then came a call from his school, the late nights, the lying, the ghoulish pallor and the wasting away. David’s life became an eternity of waiting, for the phone to ring, the door to open, or…show more content…
This didn't happen. I was truly shocked at just how depraved and desperate his lifestyle became each time he descended into heavy usage. Relationships with friends and family meant nothing, except as a means of gaining money to keep up with his drug habits. Second, I became increasingly upset at how many chances he had to pull himself out of the mess, or at least try to pull himself out, or had even gotten out and chose so easily to return. I really do think that he behaved in an entirely self-centered, and destructive way, completely refusing to open his eyes to the truths around him. I guess that's the point, drugs were a side effect of depressing truths in his life that he was too afraid to realize. I completely understand how after the first few times of listening to him go on about how his life had changed, They would stop believing that he would stay sober. I'm not sure I even believed it now. I am glad I read Tweak, if only to open my eyes a bit to just how bad an addiction can really be, how strongly deep-seated insecurities and unfinished business can affect the addiction, and how truly difficult it is to bring yourself out of the cycle of hardcore

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