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PRIMARY RESEARCH Generation Z is the most diverse demographic group in the United States. It has been recorded there are over 20.9 million tweens with a purchasing power of $BLANK amount. The current tween is being targeted. Different clothing, technological, and food companies have tried different marketing tactics to reach out to this new generation of youngsters. However, some marketers have failed to connect with this group, because certain marketing strategies are outdated and separated from the tween’s view. The primary research is fixated on understanding the habits and interests of tweens. There were five interviews connected on tweens who were age ranged from 10-13 years old. The breakdown of the interviewees were three males and…show more content…
More kids are worry less what is on television and are concerned more about who posted a viral video or what is streaming on Netflix. They all agreed they enjoyed to watched YouTube on a daily basis. A collection of several answers were about the type of videos and channels they watched. Some of the videos that they watch were food challenges, sour candy challenge, science, funny, vines, DIY, slime, and sport footage challenges. Some of them expressed that they like to watch vlogging videos and other families daily lives, because they like the other perspective on how other families go places and interact. One of the candidates preferred more creative videos and she made things like art pieces from the videos she watched. Two interviewees have expressed their favorite videos were the challenge videos about soccer, science, and food. They even have started their own YouTube channel and made their own challenge videos. These two candidates expressed the most about YouTube but they were restricted the most on using the computer and were only allowed to watch a certain time period of YouTube. On the other spectrum, the other tweens who were more exposed to technology watched less YouTube and rather find different ways for entertainment. The shocking discovery was that tweens who are less exposed to computers had this carving urge to get on YouTube more compared to tweens who are more exposed. Tweens who do receive money and tweens do not receive allowance shown different purchasing habits and money saving patterns. The
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