Tweens Research Paper

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I think tweens should not be protected from social media marketing practices because it is the way people make money, products would become more popular, and lastly they can reach more people if they sell things to tweens. Some people would want tweens to be safe and not be targeted by companies, but I think they are wrong in many ways. Tweens are addicted to social media and it would be a great idea for sellers to sell their products online. If they didn’t sell things online most people won’t even have 50% of the things they have right now. I feel that most kids kind of like looking at ads because it is very interesting and they could convince their parents to buy it. For example in the article Sneaky Ways Advertisers Target Kids,…show more content…
Without tweens things wouldn’t as popular as they are now like Justin Bieber wouldn’t be as popular as he is right now because tweens made him popular. Things wouldn’t be popular if there weren’t tweens. In Sneaky Ways Advertisers Target Kids it talks about Gossip Girl and that show is very popular because of the tweens that watch it. In the end if tweens weren’t targeted, things wouldn’t be that popular as they are now. If parents want their kids to be safe online like it says in Coalition to Facebook: Please don't market to our kids then things won’t become popular and people would be missing on great things that they could have but thanks to their parents they will never know what it feels like to have that item or object. They will most likely have more fun with it if it is a good idea and children’ fun is very important to parents so if they want kids to have them they should let them be targeted. The next reason why I think sellers should target tweens because they can reach more people by selling to tweens. Tweens would go and tell their friends and then it would be a chain reaction. There are about 74.2 million kids that are tweens which means more sellers’ products. Sellers’ would gain more money and become rich if they get lucky. Things will not reach the tweens and so they won’t be as happy and happiness is very important to most parents so they should let their kids be targeted.
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