Twelfth Night And Brokeback Mountain

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After reading literary works such as Twelfth Night and “Brokeback Mountain,” it appears they share numerous themes with the novel Never Let Me Go. One theme particularly interesting regarding the novel Twelfth Night is that of identity. The theme of identity in Twelfth Night influenced me to think differently about Ishiguro’s text, Never Let Me Go, because it allows for a deeper understanding of the difficulty the clones faced in finding their identity. After reading Never Let Me Go, one can perceive that the identity struggles the characters face are more obvious than those in Twelfth Night. After discovering the theme of identity within Twelfth Night, I now am able to gain a wider perspective of what theme Ishiguro was trying show his readers in Never Let Me Go. The theme of identity in Twelfth Night allows one to better understand why the clones in Never Let Me Go wanted to discover their true identity. Never Let Me Go and Twelfth night are two novels that discuss the purpose of characters developing and finding their identity. In each novel characters disguise or seek to become someone or something else. Never Let Me Go is a novel that focuses on the life of three main characters. Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy are clones that are created after actual humans known as their “possible.” In the beginning of the novel Ishiguro describes the life of Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy while they are clones at a boarding school known as Hailsham. At Hailsham the clones are forced to live a

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