Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare

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Twelfth Night channelizes the spirit of festivity and celebration associated with the ‘Feast of Epiphany’, which in Elizabethan England was marked as the finale of Christmas jubilations. In it’s own way mirroring the society and it’s indulgence in feasting, drinking and the carnal pleasures which in their own right undermined the teachings of the church. It is hard to overlook the emphasis laid on indulgence and the excess of it. Characteristically a Shakespearean comedy the plot is driven by the desires of the characters and the fulfilment of those desires. But unlike other comedies (for instance, As You like It) not all characters in Twelfth night are allowed to actualise their desires. These desires guide the characters to determine the course of the play. In order to understand the meta-narrative of the play we will deconstruct the text into themes of sexuality, gender norms and social hierarchy/ class power-play. Analysing the ways in which the author adheres to or subverts the societal norms with respect to the various the themes they lie within. The core essay will emphasise on three points - (i) scrutinising the superficial emancipation of the female characters from the patriarchal gender norms perpetuated in the society; (ii) establishing how the society
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