Twelve Angry Men

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Twelve Angry Men
Act I
unanimous – complete agreement with no one dissenting refugee – a person who flees one country and seeks safety somewhere else el – a train of the same design as a subway train that runs on tracks elevated a few stories above street level. retire – to leave the open court to go to a private room calculus – a complicated mathematical process belligerently – in a hostile or angry manner monopoly – the exclusive ownership of a business switch knife – more commonly referred to as switchblade, one whose spring-loaded blade is concealed inside the body of the knife proposition – a deal; bargain bickering – arguing mugging – a physical attack to take money or goods from another person breeding ground – a place
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12. Juror Twelve is in advertising, and cannot conceive of people on any level other than images.

9. What is the cause of Three’s anger toward all young men?
His anger toward his own son seems to be why he feels as he does. His son, who was beaten by his father when he was young, knocked his father down as a teenager. Then he ran away from home and has not seen his father since.

10. What does Ten’s following comment reveal about himself? “How can you believe him, knowing what he is? I lived among ’em all my life. You can’t believe a word they say.”
Clearly he is a very prejudiced person. He distrusts a whole race or class of people based on very limited exposure.

11. Juror Eight says he had a peculiar feeling about this trial. What does he think was wrong?
Eight feels the defense counsel did not conduct a thorough cross-examination, and many questions were left unasked.

12. The foreman asks the guard to bring in the switchblade knife. Why?
Juror Four says he feels that the jurors have a right to see the exhibits in evidence.

13. Juror Four questions the logic of Eight’s premise that the boy did lose the knife. What is his sarcastic question to Eight?
Four wants Eight to explain if he thinks someone else found the knife and stabbed the boy’s father to be amusing.

14. What dramatic climax occurs toward the end of Act I?
Juror Eight jabs a knife into the wall. The knife is identical to the murder weapon.

15. What proposal does Juror Eight make at end of the
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