‘Twelve Angry Men Shows That One Man Can Make a Difference.’ Do You Agree?

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‘Twelve Angry Men shows that one man can make a difference.’ Do you agree? Rose’s dramatic teleplay ‘Twelve Angry Men’ was written in a time of social upheaval in which the United States witnessed the calamitous misuses of the justice system during the McCarthy era. The play centres around twelve men who are given the task of deciding the fate of a sixteen year old boy, charged with his father’s murder. Set in the 1950s, in a New York Courtroom, Rose reveals that compassion and understanding are essential in order to serve justice. The playwright expresses this view through the protagonist Juror 8 as he reveals how we should value a system of democracy. Yet, through the 8th jurors’ sense of compassion and integrity, he is able to…show more content…
Yet, the 8th Juror allows them to consider the importance of “reasonable doubt” and weakens their circumstantial evidence by saying “sometimes the facts are wrong!”. In response to the 8th Jurors reflection, the 9th Juror changes his vote to “not guilty” as he “wants to hear more”. Rose uses the 8th Juror to voice the need for democratic principles such as rationality and reason in the process of deliberation. Therefore, Rose demonstrates that it is the characteristics of the 8th Juror which gain the audience’s admiration and cause changes in the views of the other jurors. This increases the possibility of the achievement of justice. Yet, despite the strength of Juror 8, a minority of the jurors maintain a sense of prejudice and bigotry which act as a potential tool in hindering a fair trial. Such attitudes cause tensions and confrontations which slow down the delivery of the verdict. This is evident through the generalised statements of the 10th Juror as he says “its those people I’m telling you”. His constant use of “they” highlights his utter abhorrence towards people from slum backgrounds, thus weakening his ability to examine the evidence in an objective light. Rose reveals the depth of his intolerance and the anger simmering within as he says “if we don’t watch it, if we don’t smack them down whenever we can, then they’re gonna own us!” . This shows that feels threatened by the people from the slums. Rose reveals that his extremist views

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