Twelve O ' Clock High

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Twelve O’ Clock High Introduction Leadership is an essential component of successful military action, especially in times of war. War is the type of crisis that has been said to separate the ‘men from the boys’. Leaders are molded from the situations thrust upon them. As they interact with the mix of people, resources, information and environment, leaders are affected by and have a profound effect upon the outcomes. To be effective, a leader must understand and identify with those that are to be lead. People will only follow if the leader’s vision reflects their ideals and values. It is a two-way street; a good leader is also a good follower (Bolman & Deal, 1997). So, it is through General Frank Savage, the general in charge of the beleaguered 918th Bomber Squadron based in England during the early stages of World War II, as well as Lieutenant Jesse Bishop and Ben Gately, elements of great leadership are displayed. Statement of the Question What elements of leadership can be viewed in Twelve O’ Clock High and which characters display these features on a regular basis, as well as during times of crisis? Synopsis When the U.S. 8th Army Air Force 918th Bombardment group is ordered on their fourth mission in four hard days, Brigadier General Frank Savage demands "maximum effort." The bombers are forced to fly lower, to fly farther, and to test themselves right up until death 's door. When their dedicated Colonel Davenport speaks out in their defense, Savage mercilessly takes
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