Twelve O'Clock High

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Twelve O’clock High Leadership and Management styles have played an important role in the learning in Outcome Assessment and Quality Management. In class I have learned the positives and negatives that come from the different leadership styles presented. The movie, Twelve O’clock High, is a film that takes place in 1943 outside Nazi Germany. It depicts the 918th Bomb Group and the problems that they are having. Throughout the movie we are presented with multiple leadership styles from the commanding officers; Colonel Davenport, Brigadier General Savage, and Major General Pritchard of Pine Tree. Through Colonel Davenport, Major General Pritchard, and Brigadier General Savage at the start of the film we can see the distinct difference…show more content…
These are just some of the ideas that Savage now can work with in order to achieve his successful move from telling to delegating. One of the first steps that Savage takes is to instill the men with pride. He believes that they hold the same value that he has of pride it is just that they have forgotten. Upon return from a successful mission Savage has a run in with Pritchard. Pritchard asks why Savage did not return when the return call was made. Savage tells him it must have been a “radio malfunction”, which it clearly was not. After an argument Savage tells Pritchard that the men deserve recognition for their success and that there might be some “Radio Malfunctions” in the future also. Savage is starting to move up in his relationship status while he is trying to motivate the 918. Savage is starting to feel for these men but he is also getting tired because they have not removed their transfer requests and they still are not exhibiting any pride in their work. Motivation Savage calls Lieutenant Bishop, a Medal of Honor nominee, into his office and asks him why he thinks the men of 918 are not showing any enthusiasm or pride despite their success. Bishop tells him it is because they feel like guinea pigs; they feel like they are
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