Twelve Years a Slave: Narrative of Solomon Northup, a Citizen of New-York, Kidnapped in Washington City in 1841, and Rescued in 1853:

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12 years a slave What were the major events in Northup 's life? 1.) The 1st major event In Northup 's life was when 2 strangers came up to him, Brown and Hamilton, who said that they have heard about Northup 's violin skills and want him to join a circus with them. He agrees and doesn 't tell his wife where he is going because he figures he will be home before she is. The two men seem very nice and watch out for what is best for Northup. They tell him that they are going to be traveling into a slave country and he should get his free papers. He thinks that is very kind and gets the papers and they go on their way. One night after having a few drinks, Northup starts feeling very thirsty. He drinks a lot of water but the thirst comes right…show more content…
Platt is a horrible cotton picker so Epps hires him out to a man named Hawkins who is a sugar cane grower. Platt becomes the lead row for 3 years on the cane field. Around Christmas time, the slaves get 3 days off. Other plantations get 4, 5, or 6 days off depending on how generous their masters are. Around the holidays, Platt is hired by the neighboring farmers to play the violin. He starts making some extra money, and is very happy. Before long he becomes the driver. This is a position of authority and he uses it to be easy on the slaves when the master isn 't close by. He is the driver for several years and becomes very good at fake whipping the slaves. It has been a while since Platt has run into any conflicts when one night Epps comes home drunk and tries to cut Platt 's throat. Epps tells Platt he is not to have a pen, paper, or any books. Right around this time, Platt gets a hold of a piece of paper. He makes ink out of bark and a pen out of a duck feather. He writes a letter, it is his chance to save himself from this cursed life. One day a white man named Arsby comes to try and get the job of overseer. He works with the slaves for a while when Platt gets up the courage to ask him if he will mail the letter for him. Arsby tells Epps about his encounter with Platt. When Epps finds out he goes right to Platt and confronts him about it. Platt convinces Epps that he cannot write a letter and if he could he doesn 't even have anyone to write to. He tells Epps that
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