Twenty-Eight Amendment Cons

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The hysteria over the Las Vegas shooting has prompted people to seek for stricter gun control. Michael Moore has taken the initiative and proposed the twenty-eighth amendment, with the intention to make it more difficult for people to access and misuse guns. This amendment will pose a hindrance on the state of Arizona, if it passes, because people will no longer be able to use guns in times of needs, they run the risk of not being well equipped if the government decides to take over and they will be to stripped of their right to bear arms.

The state of Arizona has one of the least-restrictive gun laws; and if the amendment passes, people will suffer the consequences of choosing collective rights over individual rights. In order to prevent mass casualties in the future, Moore proposes to strip people of their right to bear arms in their household in order to keep guns out of the public’s hands. Without a weapon to use as self-defence, people will not be able to properly protect themselves. This hits close to home for the people of Arizona because earlier this year in January of 2017, a pregnant mother used a gun to protect herself and her family against an intruder (abc15). If the twenty-eighth amendment passes, people will no longer have this protection
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In El Salvador, they impose strict gun control and similar gun requirements as the U.S., but it is still one of the most violent and dangerous country in the world. In the eyes of the NRA, “ El Salvador is awash not in guns, but in armed predators who carry out their terror outside any possible law or ‘control” (NRA). Changes in gun laws need to happen, but taking away guns from everybody will leave the people defenseless against the government and rebellious groups. And so, there needs to be a better proposal then to leave everyone vulnerable because some people cannot handle the responsibilities that come with owning and handling
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