Twenty First Century Technology

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‘father’ to the iMac, iPod, iPad, and iPhone. “A man with three personas: a life on stage, at work and at home. Some say that he was a different man when seen in one persona when you’re used to seeing him in another.” () In his life time he was able to revolutionize technology and completely change how we live our lives because of these innovations. He would move from “one industry after another, from computers and smart phones to music and movies.”(). Born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California Jobs was born, but was instantly put up for adoption since his biological parents’ (Abdulfatah Jandali and Joanne Schieble) families did not accept his parents’ relationship. Fortunately, he was adopted at birth by Paul and Clara Jobs since they could not bear a child () because of ectopic pregnancy, a life-threating pregnancy that occurs outside the womb. () Jobs even states that “‘Paul and Clara are 100% my parents and Abdulfatah and Joanne- are only a sperm and an egg bank. It’s not rude, it’s the truth.”’() In the early age of five Jobs developed a hobby when his father would teach him how to take apart and reassemble electronics…
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