Twenty One Pilots ' Expression Of Mental Health

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Twenty One Pilots’ Expression of Mental Health For a long time the topic of mental health has felt taboo in many situations, but that has slowly been changing and that change extends to musicians as well. Twenty One Pilots(Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun) is a great example of a band using their music to express struggles with mental health. There are many more examples of musicians with mental illnesses like Lady Gaga and Adele, both of whom have recently opened up about their depression, but Twenty One Pilots really puts their feelings on display in many of their songs. It’s this openness about their thoughts that really made me want to delve deeper into their work, beyond just listening to their music. Twenty One Pilots have a unique sound…show more content…
On the last repetition, it’s done in Blurryface’s voice which could represent him identifying it as irrational anxiety and more of a feature of Blurryface than himself. This same thing happens in a song named “Fairly Local”. In the pre-chorus of this song Joseph talks about his self-doubt, telling himself that the song will never make it on the radio. When the pre-chorus rolls around a second time it’s in Blurryface’s voice, again possibly signifying that this doubt was irrational and not something Joseph truly felt was part of him. The act of using the Blurryface character, and the way in which it is done mirrors techniques used in therapy. More specifically, this practice mirrors narrative therapy, where in the patient is viewed separately from their problems to help better address sensitive issues (King). In the song “Goner” (The final song on the album) Blurryface is mentioned again in the lyrics “I’ve got two faces / Blurry’s the one I’m not” (Joseph). This further likens the use of this character to narrative therapy by saying that he is not this externalized culmination of his problems. Comparing verse 1 and 2 of “Fairly Local” also shows displeasure with Joseph’s perception of himself, and an effort to fix that. Verse 1 goes “I 'm evil to the core / What I shouldn 't do I will / They say I 'm
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