Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea By Jules Verne

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Ryan Green Ms.Wilson Pre AP ELA 09 October 2017 Title of Your Report In the novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne, the author develops a charming protagonist named professor Arronax. He and his faithful servant Conseil were originally aboard the Abraham Lincoln in search of a cetacean that had been destroying boats worldwide. They were on the boat a few months when the finally found this “cetacean” then it hit the Abraham Lincoln sending Conseil, Professor Aronnax, and his friend Ned Land overboard. They were soon rescued by a submarine. The submarine turned out to be the cetacean that had been destroying ships. They soon met Captain Nemo, a man who wanted to cut himself off from society so he built a submarine that…show more content…
You have to alive that special charisma to get along with people so well. This inspires and motivates Nemo into letting them stay, thrive, live, and learn on the Nautilus. A second example of this is when he befriends Ned Land, a Canadian harpooner in which the Abraham Lincoln recruited to harpoon the mighty narwhal they thought they were hunting. He was an arrogant man who believed he was the best in his field and Arronax (along with conseil) seemed to be the only people he enjoyed to communicate with, “ “Yes I understand,” replied Ned, “ because the water surrounds me does not penetrate.””Precisely Ned: …” This is another example of Professor Arronax getting people to like him using his unique charm. Ned became more attentive when talking to Arronax because you could have an interesting and enjoyable conversation with him. I think his charisma played a very large role in the story because it allowed him to befriend people that have useful traits and abilities. One of Professor Arronax’s most important traits is his vast knowledge of everything marine biology. It shows that he is willing to learn new things and and that he also teaches other about the things he knows. It also contributes to his charisma because people seem
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