Twice Exceptionality Analysis

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My entire life I’ve always felt different because of my ADHD and my twice exceptionality. And for those of you who don’t know twice exceptionality is when a gifted child also has a learning disability. My twice exceptionality manifest as extreme ADHD and extremely fast information processing as in faster than 99% of the globe along with very good verbal skills. There is another side to this coin, I also have extremely bad ADHD. This sometimes makes me feel alienated when I’m talking to more normal that I don’t feel I can relate to. But some of the effects of this are strengths and I enjoy these. I have can an intellectual conversation to anyone because of my processing speed and my enormous vocabulary. My information processing and verbal skills have made me funny, good at rapping, outgoing and good at making…show more content…
The first reason is I had a great teacher named Ms.Goltzer but she left on maternity leave and her dad came as the substitute. Her dad was also an amazing teacher even better than her and I was kinda confused about all of that and who I should like better. He made me like school. Also, he was really good at chess and taught me how to play pretty well. I would go to school early every morning to get better and get the title of “Chess Champion”. I don’t completely remember but I’m pretty sure that title did hold some weight with the other kids in my class. I worked super hard for this title. This probably the first I can remember twice exceptionality really helping me. The second thing that happened in first was a kid named David. And he was kind of a bully and I really didn’t like this. I couldn’t take him torturing my friends. And he would do this both mentally and physically. He would insult everyone in really mean ways for first grade. Also, David would physically hurt people. I tried to shove him off people and I got in a lot of trouble for this but to this day I don’t regret anything that I
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