Twilight By Stephenie Wilson Analysis

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Twilight is Actually Horrifically Racist In the essay Civilized Vampires Versus Savage Werewolves: Race and Ethnicity in Twilight, Natalie Wilson argues for an examination of how werewolves and vampires are depicted in the hit book trilogy Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Wilson has a doctorate in women's studies and literature, and has written a great deal of books and essays upon the Twilight series and many other monster-based book through the lense of a feminist writer. (Wilson). She posted regularly on her blog while all the Twilight movies came out, and she’s recently been writing another book and editing old essays. Her very first published book was called Seduced by Twilight, and she has a blog by the same title (Wilson). Personally, I both agree and disagree with the essay. Having never read the books myself, her analysis seems to ring out based on Meyer’s diction and imagery surrounding the characters. I do think, however, that she takes is a touch too far and she pushes this idea that Meyer is a huge…show more content…
Wilson cites many authors who describe what white supremacy is like in the West today, and how prevalent stereotyping of Native Americans are in today’s culture (Wilson 160). She also details about how the “white privilege” that is pushed as a message that race doesn’t matter (Wilson 158). Wilson herself pushes the idea that it should instead outline and commentate upon the difference of races in society. Wilson frequently mentions who Bella, who is not wealthy or high up in society like most of the privileged whites she writes about, Bella is from a low income working family who chooses the privileged, wealthy family of the Cullens over the Quileutes who seem to be at the same place in society as Bella currently is
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