Twilight Hero's Journey Analysis

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Twilight Monomyth
A mythologist Joseph Campbell’s belief, of "the hero's journey" is a pattern that is found in many, many stories world wide. It’s a way we analyze a text, film, music… A movie that is a perfect example of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth is the 2009 film, Twilight, in which the main character Edward. Edward is a vampire whose family does not drink blood, and Bella; another main character is far from being frightened as she enters into a dangerous romance with her immortal soulmate. Edward feels some kind of connection that he can’t make sense of and makes it his duty to care and protect her from the other vampires that want to suck her blood and kill her. Joseph Campbell defines a classic sequence of actions that include the
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The threshold guardian in Twilight most of the characters in the movie go to is Dr.Carlisle. This mentor is the person that Edward goes to for help or advice since he is one of the wisest characters in the movie. Edward and his family, The Cullens, help Bella from the bad guys (Vampires). So basically to draw the key point on who the threshold guardians are it would be the Cullens are Edwards Mentor because they're giving him ways to keep Bella to safety.
While the Cullens are playing baseball three other vampires show up, James, Victoria and Laurent. James takes a liking to Bella and can “smell her blood from miles”, he also finds it a bit odd that the Cullens are taking care of Bella and this makes him want her blood even more. The Cullens feel that it’s not safe and Edward and his family take Bella away from James long enough to make a plan.
The Ordeal in this film is that Edward can't leave Bella alone because since she is so prone to danger he feels the need to stay with her and protect her. James the trickster,lures Bella to him by telling her that he has captured her mom and makes her leave the Cullen family without them knowing. James leads her to an old ballet studio to kill her. The Cullen’s show up. The only problem is that James has already bitten Bella. If Edward doesn't suck the venom infected blood out of her, she'll become a vampire. A perfect
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