Twilight Moms, By Stephenie Meyer 's Twilight Books And The Subsequent Twilight

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Living in the United States in 2016, one is familiar with the fandom spurred from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books and the subsequent Twilight movies. Twilight Moms, a controversial sector of the fandom composed of adult female fans, have garnered attention in recent years. One of the most well-known photographs of Twilight Moms captures the fans’ emotions at a 2009 Twilight Event (Buckner). However, what strikes viewers most is not the emotions of the women, but rather their age; the subjects of the image are not tweens and teens, but adult women. The visual rhetoric argues that Twilight’s appeal is not exclusive to young adults; it also encompasses older women. The media claims that Twilight Moms are anti-feminist women who refuse to grow up. However, the media’s biased accusations are simply not true. In all reality, Twilight Moms are a group of women that relate to Twilight’s protagonist and seek bonding experiences with their daughters as well as an escape from the monotony of everyday life. So what exactly constitutes a Twilight Mom? The term Twilight Moms was first coined in December of 2007 when Lisa Hansen launched the “Twilight Moms” MySpace page (Brodesser-akner). According to Hansen, she originally created Twilight Moms for “married women and mothers;” however, that definition has since changed (Hare). Today, Twilight Moms is a more inclusive group consisting of any female fan of Twilight beyond her teen years. Because Twilight Moms are grown women

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