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Twilight: Interpersonal Communication Movie Review Through the story of the characters and their interpersonal communication movies have become a household commodity and often times emerge as a mainstream “pop culture.” Twilight is the recent adaptation from novel to film based off the book by Stephanie Meyer released in 2005 by the same title. The film tells a story about the forbidden love between two individuals through the telling of a seventeen year-old girl. Through this forbidden love between the two main characters, Bella and Edward, there is a variety of different interpersonal communication that occurs. Through the interactions these two characters have with each other there are positive and negative implications of…show more content…
Edward masked himself as another human instead of coming out that he was a vampire. While this specifically is reason enough to not state that he really is a vampire as most individuals would be shocked, panicked, and would probably expose the individual for what they really are. Because of this Edward was in his right to not fully self-disclose. When there is not trust and self-disclosure in the developing stages of a relationship there is bound to be some sort of conflict. Immediately into the relationship of Bella and Edward there is conflict and this is seen throughout the film. At the beginning of the film conflict arises due to Edward’s reaction to Bella’s scent and his absent from school immediately thereafter. This along with Edward not telling the truth about how he saved Bella led to tension between the two and a sort of back and forth like bickering. Bella prodding Edward because he’s not telling the truth and Edward pointing out that Bella is clumsy and generally just teasing her about this. A separate conflict arises when Edward’s siblings learn of Bella and his relationship. The most prominent being those outbursts by Rosalie. Rosalie has expressed her concern multiple times throughout the movie that if the relationship were to end badly it would expose them and put the entire family at risk. Because of her conflict with the relationship there has remained a tension throughout the film between

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