Twilight Movie Script

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Twilight typed

(How I would die by Carter Burwell)
I never thought about how I would die, but dyeing in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go. So I can’t bring myself to regret the decision to leave home. I would miss Phoenix id miss the heat; I would miss my loving erratic hair brain mother and her new husband.
(Edward eats deer)
“Come on you guys I love you both but we have a plane to catch” Phil said.
But they want to go on the road so I’m going to spend some time with my dad and this will be a good thing. . . I think. In the state of Washington under a near constant cover of clouds and rain there is a small town named forks, population three thousand one hundred and twenty people. This is where I’m moving. My dad is
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. .” Bella said
“I got your back baby” Eric said
“I guess we will just run another editorial on teen drinking” Angela said
“You know you could always go for eating disorders, Speedo padding on the swim team” Bella said
“Actually that’s a good one” Angela said
“Right, that’s exactly what I was thought” Jessica said
“Were talking Olympic sized” Angela said (See Rosily and Emmet walking who are they by Carter Burwell starts playing)
“There so skinny it would make scene” Jessica said
“Totally” Angela said
(See Alice and Jasper walking)
“Who are they?” Bella asked
“”The Cullen’s” Angela said
“There Dr and Mrs. Cullen’s foster kids, they moved here from all the way down from Alaska like a few years ago” Jessica said
“They kind of keep to them selves” Angela said
“Yeah because there all together, like together, together, the blonde girl that’s Rosily and the big dark hair guy Emmet there like a thing, I’m not even sure if that’s legal” Jessica said
“Jessica there not actually related” Angela said
“Yeah but they live together it
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