Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

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Although she detests the rainy, small-town atmosphere of Forks, she moves to make life easier for her mother, who has just gotten married to her stepfather, Phil. From her very first day of school in her new town, Bella seems drawn to the dark and mysterious Edward Cullen. Initially, he acts strangely angry towards Bella; however, he changes his mood the next day, acting quite friendly. These mood changes continue until one day when Edward saves Bella from being crushed by a truck with his inhuman powers. After that day, Bella demands an explanation for all of Edward’s odd behavior. He reveals to her that he and his family are vampires that drink animal blood rather that the blood of humans. He also says that Bella’s blood has a special scent to him, making it especially hard for Edward to resist the temptation to fall back to preying on humans. Despite some struggles, Edward and Bella eventually fall in love. However, their love is threatened when a vampire named James and his companion, Victoria, are drawn to hunt Bella for her blood. The Cullen family defends Bella from the hunter James. However, James tricks her, managing to seriously wound Bella. However, Edward and his family are able to save Bella and kill James. The story progresses and Edward and Bella continue to fall in love. At a party for Bella at the Cullen home, Bella manages to give herself a…
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