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Twilight Time is diving into what some people might think is an obscure Vincent Price flick, but Theatre of Blood is a dark comedy horror film that allows Vincent Price to shine in a multitude of different roles, whilst he systematically murders the critics that snubbed him years ago. Theatre of Blood will win over fans who want to see Mr. Price ham it up and steal every scene he is in. PRODUCT INFORMATION PLOT SUMMARY Theatre of Blood (1973), directed by Douglas Hickox, offers the one and only Vincent Price in a role both madcap and touching. He plays a Shakespearean actor determined to wreak vengeance on the critics who fail to appreciate his genius, killing them in a series of set-piece murders based on scenes from Shakespeare. Diana…show more content…
I enjoyed the straightforward story, the humour, and it's a film I would highly recommend checking our, especially for Vincent Price fans. BLU-RAY OPINION Twilight Time Blu-rays are hard to critique, as on one end they do a serviceable job with the audio and video side of things. However, when it comes to special features and the price tag, which is high due to the limited nature of their discs, it's hard to rate the disc highly when you factor it all together. It really comes down to whether you enjoy the movie over features. Thankfully, the disc has solid audio and video, but it does lack on the features. It sports an isolated score track, Audio commentary with Film Historians David Del Valle and Nick Redman, which is rather enjoyable to listen to, and finally a trailer. That's it, that's all. SPECIAL FEATURES Isolated Score Track Audio Commentary with Film Historians David Del Valle and Nick Redman Original Theatrical Trailer VERDICT If you can justify forking out the cash for the Twilight Time Blu-ray of Theatre of Blood, I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's a funny murderous flick, but the disc is lacking a substantial amount of features. However, the audio and video are solid. Nevertheless, I give it a
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