Twilight and Vampire Diaries

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These females are willing to do anything to be with these immortal creatures for a lifetime of endless love, regardless of the danger. Is mortal love not enough anymore? With vampires, they seduce their prey in order to feed. Vampires intrigue women with love, sex, romance, and most importantly mystery. Vampires are much more desirable then mortal men, even though they can potentially kill you. Their love is endless compared to mortal love. Vampires are the ultimate bad boys, powerful, persuasive, loners and tortured souls. They search forever to find “her”, the fantasy of hot endless love. Which is why these females in vampire literature are willing to risk their lives for a vampire, they want something more. The darkness and mystery pulls these women closer and closer to what can be the greatest love of all time. For example Bella Swan from “Twilight” was a regular mortal who wanted nothing more to be with Edward Cullen the vampire. Elena from “Vampire Diaries” found love with a human who turned out to be a vampire. Even in “Vampire in the Lemon Grove Fila” didn’t not run away knowing Clyde was a thirsty vampire. All these women knew the risk of surrounding themselves around these vampires. But not one of them was willing to walk away. Vampires are the ultimate bad boys, which is why all the females in vampire literature are pulled in so easily. Females really love bad…
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