Twin Peaks: A Narrative Fiction

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Angela awoke from a frenzied dream of darkened hallways, spooky noises, and sallow things lurking in the corners. It was dark outside the window and when she first looked at the clock which sat on Lillian’s desk. She thought it was seven in the morning, which should have meant it was light out. It took her a second to clear her sleepy head to realize it was seven in the evening. She somehow slept through the entire night and the next day. Twenty hours and some change. She brought herself up from the small couch and stretched. She walked down the short length of the hallway to the bathroom, stripping off her pajamas as she went. She turned the shower to full heat, and the steam rose as she finished undressing. She turned and stepped into the…show more content…
The footprints scared her. Maybe she wasn’t quite awake. She walked to the linen closet in the hallway to grab a towel. Pressing the button on the television, it started up, already mid-scene in an episode of Twin Peaks. For not being able to contact Lil with a damned board, her presence sure was felt throughout the house. Everything from the music to the television programming to the sobbing heard from upstairs. Angela went into the kitchen and passed the refrigerator. She barely paid attention to her surroundings. Getting a mug down from the cabinet, she made herself a cup of instant coffee. She settled on the couch and noticed something odd from the corner of her eye. Then she heard it. Soft and subtle at first, but firm and insistent. A whap-whap-whap noise which was the sound of wood on wood, lightly clicking together. Angela set her cup down and walked back into the kitchen. Her heart told her what she would see before she saw it. She stood near the counter and stared at the jumble of boards on the floor, all pulled from the wall and solid door frame. The door itself was swinging back and forth on its rusty hinges. Whap-whap-whap. Each time it came back, it would smack the area of the frame which kept it from
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